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            Lead Stearate - (C17H35COO)2Pb

   Calcium Stearate
   Di Basic Lead Stearate
   Lead Stearate
   Tri Basic Lead Sulphate
   Zinc Stearate

PROPERTIES/APPLICATIONS: Lead Stearate is a stabiliser for PVC. The lubricating action of Lead Stearate is very important and Lead Stearate can be better described as a lubricant with a stabilisation action. It is therefore recommended that Lead Stearate be used with other stabilisers such as Tri Basic Lead Sulphate or Di Basic Lead Phosphite.

The presence of Lead Stearate in the compound may give rise to Sulphur stanning. Therefore, it is not possible to make crystal clear PVC products by using Lead Stearate.

Due to its low melting point, Lead Stearate can be dispersed very easily in PVC.

Lead Stearate should not be used in articles that come in contact with foodstuff.

25 kgs net in PP woven bags.

Under dry conditions and at room temperature.

Lubricants, PVC industries, Stabiliser.

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