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Sainath Plastochem Pvt. Ltd.
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 Company Profile

We are leading manufacturers of Metallic Stearates and PVC Stabilizers. Our Company was founded under the vision of eminent socialite and technocrat Shri Devidutt Shah and his sons Shri Vinay Shah and Shri Bipin Shah in the year 1992 at the TTC Industrial Area in Navi Mumbai where they transformed themselves into a new manufacturing house from a 30 year old trading firm.

We have achieved significant growth and reputation in the market due to our reliability, quality and prompt service. We have the state of the art machinery and along with the right know how we manufacture quality goods. We also look out for technological upgrades and do the needful in due course of time.

Our range of Metallic Stearates and PVC Stabilizers are mainly used in all types of plastic and rubber related industries, polymers, paints etc.

Customer satisfaction is the secret to our success.

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