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Sainath Plastochem Pvt. Ltd.
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- nirmana-moha jita-sanga-dosa
- adhyatam-nitya vinivrtta-kamah
- dvandvair vimuktah sukha-duhkha-samjnair
- gacchanty amudhah padam avyayam tat

- Those who are free from false prestige,
 .illusions and false association,
- who understand the eternal, who are done with material lust,
- who are free from the dualities of hapiness and distress,
. and who, unbewildered,
- known how to surrender unto the Supreme Persons
. attain that eternal kingdom.


Sainath Plastochem Pvt. Ltd.
18, Shanti Bhawan-A, J.D. Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai - 400080.
Ph: +91 22 25641695 / 25689941 Fax: +91 22 25682671

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